save the bees

life depends on them

The bee has always been a part of me. My family name is McBee, therefore, I have been adorned throughout my life with many "bee" things. They symbolize creativity, community, a great work ethic, and personal power. I am humbled and amazed by our beloved winged friends and the gift of life they provide us. They inspire me to do my best and share my own gifts. This is also why I am committed to giving a portion of every dollar Therabee makes to support people doing their best to save the bees.

Here are a few organizations that are working hard to do that with protection, education, and action. Without them, no more honey. No more flowers or flowering trees. No more fresh fruits and vegetables. We need them! And they need our help. Your donation is so appreciated.

The Honeybee Conservancy

Friends of the Earth

Environmental Defense Fund (EDF)

Natural Resource Defense Council (NRDC)